Trump Won!

I was unfortunate to be sick while Donal Trump won the election and came on stage to accept the nomination be our next president.

I always get a kick out of republicans who complained about the¬†democrats . “That Obama, That Obama!” as if he is the reason why were so F’ed up. Now that I have had the opportunity to see the demarcates react… Wow, I now have a new found reason to hope republicans win elections.

The democrats are the most ridiculous, sore losers I’ve seen!

Didn’t everyone know the rules going into the election?

Didn’t everyone agree that the electoral votes declare the winner of the election?

Can I say something before you continue to read more on this subject?

Democrats that are complaining, Are Fucking Idiots!!! Mind you these are the same people who criticized Cam Newton after the Superbowl for his post game interview.

Cam Newton’s Post Game Reaction, ‘You Can’t Do That’

I am not happy that Trump won the election. Fuck the Republicans for having a shitty cast of characters running for their parties representation.

George Carlin – Voting is meaningless




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